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Make yourself a priority with simple acts of self-care

It’s hard to work self-care into our busy days as moms. Read here for tips to make yourself a priority.

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Little boy brushing his teeth with mother and daughter blurred in background


Morning routine for kids: tips for a better AM start

Read these morning routine tips—guaranteed to get your household off to a better start.

Intentional Living

Family weekly review: get home life organized now

Tired of trying to keep up with all the bits and pieces of home life? Then try a weekly review. This post will show you how.

A Little girl is studying and learning at home. Homeschooling concept
Woman with bowl of healthy oatmeal with fruit and nuts on her lap as she sits on a bed


The importance of healthy habits for a better life

Learn about the importance of healthy habits and how to kick-start your journey towards a happier, healthier, more fulfilled you.

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I’m Jenny—pediatrician, child behavioural specialist, and sleep coach. Most importantly, I’m a mama like you.

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